Geotechnical Engineering

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We specializes in geotechnical, geomechanical engineering services, providing clients with comprehensive solutions or your engineering needs.

Our Engineering Speciality

We provide Engineering service :

  • Civil and Geothechnical Engineering

  • Survey and Investigation

  • Hydrogeology, Energy, Mining, & Material

  • Planning and Study

Our Services

For this stage of project development, we undertake the preparation of basic and detailed engineering designs of civil structure analysis and geotechnical design works, power plant, dam, drainage and river flood control, port and airport design and any other related tasks including pre-qualification, engineering cost estimate and tender document

Civil and Geotechnical Engineering
green and brown metal tool
green and brown metal tool
Survey and Investigation
Hydrogeology, Energy, Mining, & Material
and Study

Our services are involving topographic mapping, geotechnical investigation, hydrographic investigation and hydrometric investigation, oceanographic survey, and traffic survey

We provide comprehensive solutions that bridge natural resources with global needs. We offer expertise in the behavior and characteristics of water in geological systems, the development and implementation of renewable energy technologies, sustainable mining practices, and the development of innovative and sustainable materials.

We conduct general development and pre-investment studies in agriculture, forestry, fisheries, economic, finance, science & technology, community, urban and regional developments involving field investigations, primary and secondary data collection, interview, market surveys; prepare development plans, master plans, formulation of problem solving, feasibility studies, examination and analysis of all technical, economical, financial, ecological and sociological aspects of proposed project, arranging seminar / workshop and any other pre-investment studies as required by clients

seven construction workers standing on white field
seven construction workers standing on white field

Customer Reviews

Signtegra provided excellent engineering services, delivering high-quality results on time.
We were impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the Signtegra team.


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silver and gold round accessory

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